Part 1 – Preparation – Step 1

Unplug the power cord to both Printers
And wait 5s to plug them in again.

Step 2

Turn on the Power
And wait for about 30-35s for the Blue Wifi Light to quit blinking.

Part 2 – Checkin App Setup – Step 1

Tap on the 🖨 Printer Icon
or the ⚠️ Yellow Exclamation Point Icon.

Step 2

Tap on “Set Manually…”

Step 3

Choose: “Brother QL-810W”

Step 4

Tap on “Paper Type”

Step 5

Choose: “62 mm × 10 mm”
Then tap: “< Set Manuallly” (to go back)

Step 6

Tap on “Connect”

Step 7

Tap: “Done”

Step 8

Tap on “Connect”

Part 3 – Guided Access – Step 1

Very Important: 
To make sure the iPad doesn’t go to sleep
We must turn on Guided Access

How? Easy! 
Just triple-tap on the Home Button rapidly
1, 2, 3

Step 2

Press “Start”

Step 3

Type in the iPad passcode:

(You may need to repeat this process)
Then click OK

Part 4 – Shutdown – Step 1

Exit from Guided Access by
Triple-tapping on the Home Button rapidly
1, 2, 3

Type in the Passcode:
3006 to unlock out of Guided Access

Step 2

Press “End”

Step 3

Shutdown the Printer
By Pressing and holding the Power Button