In Matthew 13:13-16 Jesus talked about the importance of having “eyes that see.” He told the disciples there eyes were blessed because they see…but do we always see clearly? In Luke 24:1-53 two disciples were returning to Emmaus discouraged about the crucifixion of Jesus. They didn’t possess “Easter Eyes” (eyes to see) and didn’t even recognize Jesus Himself when He was walking and talking to them that third day. Three quick thoughts:

    1. Why didn’t they recognize Jesus? They had their facts wrong. Their eyes were perverted because of a false belief that Jesus was dead, when He was actually alive, as He had predicted to them. Whether we are talking about Salvation or the benefits of the cross, if we do not “see” God’s Word correctly we will not receive the blessing that He has provided – We must have “eyes to see”.
    2. How did they recognize Jesus? He opened the scriptures to them. Then they invited Him into their situation. And that is how we and others will know and experience the truth by diving into the Word of God and inviting Him into our circumstances.
    3. The result was that Jesus revealed Himself to them. The truth of Him being the Messiah was made known to them. Sadness was gone, hope was revived, and they were off quickly to share the good news of the real facts with joy.

My our prayer be that we have the “Eyes of Easter” and be truly blessed with eyes that see and ears that hear

John Bonacorsi, Senior Pastor

As the Senior Pastor, John is the primary communicator and vision caster for the church as he serves shoulder-to-shoulder with the staff and Executive Board to equip people in our community to develop the passion to live the Christian Life. (Read More)