In the last year I’ve witnessed several separate situations that were so disturbing to me they made me sick at heart as well as stomach. I thought about the old saying “Ignorance is bless” and I realized there is truth to that saying. It is easier to go about our business and think, “What’s it got to do with me?”

I remember in High School there was this boy, not popular, who rode his bicycle to school. It was not “cool” to ride your bike to High School. Some of the athletes used to mock him not just because of his mode of transportation but his hair and clothing as well. After listening to their berating of this boy I could stand it no more. My jaw dropped at their meanness and I looked around to see who was watching and I said loudly if I were you I would stop that right now. They were shocked and walked away. Years later I started going to a new church, I’d become a Christian, and guess who also attended? Yep, the guy the others bullied, he remembered me and I remembered him. It is amazing how God works! Before I get too smug about my superhero role in fighting injustice though, I think back to the times when I did not step in and declare “that is not right”.

Later while watching the news, I saw a video of a girl in a McDonald’s who was beaten to the point that she went into convulsions. No one stepped in to help. Everyone just watched the girl curled in a corner. Even the videographer didn’t stop recording to care for or aid the victim. We see situations like this all too often on our news. What would we do in the same situation?

It bothers me when people stand by idly and do nothing about it when people declare untruths, do unjustly or just think they have a pass because of their lofty position. God doesn’t call his followers to be ignorant of what’s going on in the world. He calls us to get out of our comfort zones and move into the world with eyes wide open. We are supposed to make a difference and stand for righteousness, not to be busy bodies, but not to make excuses of why we will not stand for truth and injustice. If we are to be genuine in our faith, then we must heed and act on God’s words in Hosea 12:6 …Act with love and justice, and always depend on him. If at the end of our lives God asks us, “Did you live justly and walk in truth and integrity? Were you willing to take courage and obediently rise to the calling to make a difference in the lives of others?” By God’s mercy may we be able to look at God and answer truthfully, Yes, Lord. Yes.”

Barbara Bonacorsi, Senior Pastor

Barbara serves in tandem with John in casting vision. In addition to speaking and singing periodically on Sunday mornings, Barbara is also in charge of coordinating the Alpha Course as well as the women’s ministry, Bright. (Read More)