…And Election Sure

Those whom God calls are changed. They are new creations. They are genuine believers because they are Born Again through regeneration. They did not make a simple decision and then are rewarded with eternal life because they prayed a sinner’s prayer. Instead we have the correct picture of God saving His people by calling them which always results in their belief and repentance because they see clearly their sin contrasted with Christ’s Righteousness, His work on the Cross to save them and His resurrection which shows His supernatural power. This knowledge of Christ’s Righteousness is part of the gift of faith that is part of the call. No matter what the order is of these “events” we believe in, we must agree that salvation is of God, not Man and He then calls ALL believers to the work of the ministry.

The way to begin “doing the works of the ministry” is to start volunteering and ministering where we are needed. Our roles most likely will gradually increase as we give of ourselves to the natural gifts and passions God has given each of us. If in fact we are a part of a living body (The Body of Christ) we will be an active part. It takes all of us to function in the local church for it to be healthy just as it takes all of our organs to operate for our personal bodies to be healthy. I really don’t like to hear someone say, “I’ve done my part, it is now time for others to step up and do their part”. What if our liver, heart or kidney’s said “well, I’ve been working for you’re for 40, 50 or 60 years I’m done”. You would most likely DIE! The same is true of the local church; it is not a place for non-functioning by standers. We must make our calling sure. There will come a day when we will be asked “What did you do with the talents I gave you?”

Jesus made a “favorable impression” on the world by glorifying God through dying on the cross. Everywhere we go, we either make a positive or negative impression on those around us, either bringing glory to the Lord or possibly shame. Thankfully we are saved by grace; it is a gift from God. (Ephesians 2:8-10) However we cannot neglect the fact James 2:17 reminds us our faith will be demonstrated by our works. Let’s all make it our goal to make our calling sure and not just live a life of self indulgence but one that will make a mark on our world and bring glory to our Savior. Let’s Go!!!

Barbara Bonacorsi, Senior Pastor

Barbara serves in tandem with John in casting vision. In addition to speaking and singing periodically on Sunday mornings, Barbara is also in charge of coordinating the Alpha Course as well as the women’s ministry, Bright. (Read More)