Recently I was familiarized with something people in addiction recovery refer to as the Personal Craziness Index (PCI). The PCI is based on the assumption that “craziness” first manifests itself in routine. Essentially what it means is that when an addict breaks their routine, relapse is likely to follow. Since that’s true, they are encouraged to determine the seven top factors of things that they do (or don’t do) that most facilitate proper balance in their lives and consequently reduce temptation. They choose the seven habits from a variety of categories such as physical health, work, social life, finances, spirituality, family, etc.

I personally find the concept of the PCI fascinating. I believe it has relevance not only in the lives of “twelve-steppers”, but to each of us as well. I have adopted the PCI in relation to spiritual inconsistency I occasionally recognize in my own life. I find when my routine gets diverted, my walk with Christ also tends to become erratic or what psychologists would term “crazy.” I have identified the seven top contributing factors in my routine that keep me on track as follows:

1 Bible study and meditation
2 Prayer
3 Physical exercise
4 Flossing
5 Getting proper rest

1 Overeating
2 Watching too much television

You ask, “Flossing-REALLY?” For me, neglecting flossing is simply an indicator that I am not living intentionally and more often than not, other areas of my life are suffering as well. As a result, my life tends to feel unbalanced and I find myself spiritually frustrated.

Developing and monitoring my PCI is leading to breakthrough in my life. What about you? You can likely identify seasons in your life where you seem to drift spiritually. Could that be as a result of neglecting important daily habits? I would encourage you to evaluate your daily priorities to see if they help or hinder your faith journey and make adjustments accordingly. It may just be time for you to stop the “craziness.”

Barry Hinkle, Senior Associate Pastor

Barry focuses on guiding and supporting Life Groups and coaching and developing their leaders. He also serves on the Executive Board. (Read More)