I don’t need to tell you how important prayer is in the life of a follower of Jesus Christ. Still for many of us, if we were to chart our prayer life over an extended period of time, we would find that it looks a lot like the Dow Jones Industrial Average! Recently I began to contemplate what I could do to assure the time I spend with the Lord is more consistent. I came across a podcast message that addressed this issue. I would like to share with you the simple three-step process the message discussed which has really helped me to remain consistent in my prayer life:

1) Set a Time • Many people find they are able to concentrate best in the morning. (However, we are not all “morning-people.”) • I do believe that starting our day with God honors Him by placing Him first.

2) Find a Place • Make sure it is quiet and peaceful. • A regular place to pray helps establish a routine.

3) Have a Plan • The ACTS method of prayer can help you to stay focused (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving & Supplication). • Many people find a prayer journal to be helpful.

That is pretty basic stuff, right? But, if you stick to that process, you will find that eventually it becomes habitual. We must prioritize prayer or God will end up getting only our leftover time. As you begin to spend consistent time with God you will find it to be the best part of your day and you will develop deeper intimacy with your Heavenly Father.

Sheryl Hinkle, Senior Associate Pastor

Together with Barry, Sheryl assists in building and developing the Life Groups at Christian Life. She also helps lead the Bright Women’s ministry with Barbara. (Read More)