This time of year always brings a time of reflection for me. Mother’s Day will be Sunday and I am thankful to be a Mother. I love my kids and grandkids!!! I am blessed with two amazing daughters and a son of whom I could not be more proud. As a mother and grandmother there is no greater joy that to watch and enjoy the delightful process of their lives evolve. I am so sorry to say my own mother did not have that privilege.

My mother passed away when I was 17 and I often wonder what my mom would have said in certain situations and I don’t have the luxury to be able to ask. Prayerfully what she instilled in me has and will be passed to the next generation; imparted into my son, daughters and grand-children through my example. There are a few things that I remember my Mom imbedding into my head and heart that I hope to never forget:

The first being never let your ego get so large you forget all of your talents are gifts from God. Basically leave your ego buried, never flaunt yourself. Don’t get too big for your britches. She didn’t care what my friend’s had or could do. How often I heard….” If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” Well, no!

The second value my Mom preached, “No excuses for bad behavior”. Believe in yourself! It is so important to believe in yourself and your abilities. Blame, self-loathing and self-doubt are obstacles that keep us from moving forward. There was no ‘self-pity” in our house. So you lost the Vice President position, which was tied, by a flip of a coin? Well, no problem tomorrow will come..OK! My mother was good at putting things in perspective. Keep your chin up!!! Thanks Mom, I only hope I will continually apply your wisdom.

The third value I remember my Mom chose to be genuine and unpretentious. She had an enormous distain for pretention and seemed to be able to smell a phony a mile away. Her advice was always be yourself, don’t try to impress the neighbors so to speak. It is important to be transparent and authentic in every encounter. Live in truth; don’t pretend to be what you are not.

Fourth and last be sure to always remember the importance of relationships. Family first, stay in touch, others may come and go but family is forever. Be a genuine friend that can be depended upon. Being a friend is a treasure that is hard to find.

When I reflect on my Mom I always miss her. She was a wise lady with amazing character as a 17 year old remembers. I only wish I had the blessing of having her longer.

Legendary Alabama football coach Bear Bryant used to remind his players: “Be sure to call your Mom.” Then he would add wistfully, “I wish I could call mine.”

So do I.

Barbara Bonacorsi, Senior Pastor

Barbara serves in tandem with John in casting vision. In addition to speaking and singing periodically on Sunday mornings, Barbara is also in charge of coordinating the Alpha Course as well as the women’s ministry, Bright. (Read More)