Most, if not all of us, will have moments or events that compel us to take stock of our lives; where we look at our past, our present and our future. For me, such an event took place last week, as I attended my 30 year high school reunion.

For those of us who had not seen each other in a while, we introduced ourselves and our spouses and proceeded to share things like what our occupations were, where we lived and about our children. In my class are doctors, lawyers, software developers, entrepreneurs, sales reps, teachers, etc. Many of them have accomplished great things and have helped to better society. But is that all that matters?

One day, you and I will stand before God and give account of our lives. 2 Corinthians 5:10 (TLB), For we must all stand before Christ to be judged and have our lives laid bare—before him. Each of us will receive whatever he deserves for the good or bad things he has done in his earthly body. He will not be concerned with occupations, college alma maters or socio-economic statuses. But what will matter? How did you treat your spouse, your children and your neighbor? What did you do with your time? Did you pray for others? Did you help others in need? Did you share the gospel by both word and deed?

I don’t want to look back and see all I “shoulda, coulda, woulda” done. My prayer is that I would value only those things that God values, to love only what He loves and to live each moment in obedience to Him. For me, the greatest words I could ever hear are found in Matt 25:23 “Well done my good and faithful servant…”

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Ginger is responsible for ministering to the children in Super Church, grades one through six. She also coordinates the volunteers for children, birth through kindergarten. Ginger also sings on the Worship Team. (Read More)