…As Your Guide

The other day I was speaking with someone about a TV show that was extremely funny, but also as immoral as it was humorous. That person called me by name and said, “Relax, enjoy it; you can’t be spiritual all the time.”  I couldn’t get that statement out of my mind, and  I have been giving it quite a bit of thought.  I wonder if we would like for God to be God “all the time”.  Doesn’t He want us to become like Him?

Since finishing “The Truth Project” by Dr. Del Tackett  (Spring, 2012)  I have been freshly reminded of how God has made a perfect plan for us to operate in each area of life. If we are spiritual at all, He cares about what we do and say in each venue of our living and has given us a model to follow by observing His character.  With this blueprint,  He can help us to have the best possible life; and  we can be better witnesses to His exceedingly abundant life to our fellow man.  Luke 16: 15b (NIV) says, “…What people value highly is detestable in God’s sight.” I must admit I have been sucked in by humor into viewing some things that God must detest. I ask for the Holy Spirit to help me reject “funny” as the only criterion for being “good” (a synonym for “godly”).

Lynda Daniel, Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care

Serving in Pastoral Care, Lynda makes nursing home and hospital visits. Additionally, she serves on the Worship Team as a vocalist and serves with her husband as leader of a Life Group. (Read More)